Alabama Releases DTC License Application Forms for Wineries and Fulfillment Houses 

The Alabama ABC Board has released its new DTC pre-application form and required document checklist for obtaining licenses to become a direct wine shipper or wine fulfillment center.  The forms are complex and Wine Institute is currently working with the ABC Board to see if some of the requirements can be streamlined to simplify the application process.  We will keep members informed on developments and update the Alabama DTC page on the website when information changes or new information becomes available. 

Members wishing to move ahead with the application process at this time are advised to carefully review the checklist before beginning the application process as applications will not be processed unless all required documents are submitted to the ABC Board with the completed pre-application. After approval of the application, the ABC will contact the applicant to provide instructions for payment of the license fee, which is $200, with subsequent renewals costing $150.  Licenses are valid from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30 of the following year. 

Wineries that have received a direct wine shipper license may ship up to 12 cases of wine during a 12-month period to a resident of Alabama. Wine must be shipped from the direct wine shipper’s licensed premises or from the direct shipper through a fulfillment house that has obtained a license from the ABC Board. All wine product labels must be approved by the ABC Board prior to being shipped into the state. Instructions on how to request brand/label approval are available on the ABC Board’s website. In addition, direct wine shipper licensees are required to submit quarterly direct shipment reports and excise tax payments to the ABC Board, and remit sales or use taxes to the Alabama Department of Revenue on sales shipped to consumers in Alabama.    

Contact Annie Bones, regulatory compliance manager, with questions.