Last Updated: February 25, 2018




Sales Tax

Not Applicable

Excise Tax

Not Applicable

Volume Limit

Not Applicable


Not Applicable

Product Requirements

Not Applicable

Additional Information

Direct-to-consumer shipments are prohibited. There is, however, a special order provision that allows for an individual consumer to obtain prior written approval from the Alabama Beverage Control Board before the merchandise is brought into the State. In addition, the shipment is to be consigned, with freight charges prepaid, directly to the individual in care of an ABC store (where taxes are rendered).

Legislative Update in Alabama & Louisiana

July 24, 2015

The Alabama legislature has now adjourned. Wine Institute successfully opposed efforts by wholesalers to pass monopoly protection (franchise) laws in both Tuscaloosa and Lee Counties. Also, bills that would have imposed local sales taxes on sales of wine and spirits in Talladega and Shelby Counties were defeated. Local option laws in Alabama are traditionally hard … Read More ⟶


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