Wholesale Laws for Wineries



Direct Shipping Laws for Wineries

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This information is intended for winegrower licensees only.



Texas Permit Fee Changes, Effective Sept. 1 

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) has approved a new license and permit fee structure that will become effective on Sept. 1, 2021, and includes a change in the Out-of-State Winery Direct Shipper and Nonresident Seller permit fees. After several discussions between TABC and Wine Institute, TABC proposed a new, significantly lower fee for the DTC […]

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Alabama Releases DTC License Application Forms for Wineries and Fulfillment Houses 

The Alabama ABC Board has released its new DTC pre-application form and required document checklist for obtaining licenses to become a direct wine shipper or wine fulfillment center.  The forms are complex and Wine Institute is currently working with the ABC Board to see if some of the requirements can be streamlined to simplify the application process.  […]

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Missouri Sales Tax Changes for DTC; Reminder on Monthly Shipment Limitation

Missouri Gov. Michael Parson signed legislation that will require out-of-state businesses, including California wineries that ship DTC wine sales into Missouri, to collect and remit sales tax if taxable sales from delivery of tangible personal property into Missouri in the previous calendar year or current calendar year exceeds $100,000 beginning Jan. 1, 2023. Until then, wineries with […]

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