Wisconsin Amends Requirements for DTC Permittees

In late May, Wine Institute learned that Wisconsin was delaying the issuance of new DTC shipper permits and renewals for California wineries.  The delay was based on concerns regarding a statutory requirement that out-of-state direct wine shippers, also considered corporations or LLCs, appoint an agent who is a Wisconsin resident with authority and control over the permittee’s licensed premises. This resulted in permit and renewal delays since our members’ licensed premises are located in California.

Wine Institute worked directly with Wisconsin Department of Revenue Secretary Peter Barca on a solution allowing for the appointment of an agent who is not a resident of Wisconsin. We appreciate Secretary Barca’s efforts in finding this solution which has been incorporated into the application form and related materials. Here are links to the revised DTC application forminstructions, and a new form for reporting an Appointment of Agent Change for permittees.