Texas Improves Direct Shipping Laws!

On June 19, 2009 the Governor of Texas signed HB 1084 into law making things a little easier for wineries shipping to Texas consumers. Beginning September 1, 2009 direct shippers will be able to ship up to 9 gallons of wine to a consumer in Texas during a calendar month, as long as the total volume shipped to the consumer by each winery does not exceed 36 gallons (approximately 15 cases) per calendar year. The new improved regulations will replace the existing volume limit of 3 gallons per consumer per winery per 30 days.

The switch to tracking wine shipment volumes during a calendar month instead of a 30 period and increase in monthly volume limit will make it easier for direct shippers to comply with the regulations in Texas. Any new reporting forms will be posted on the Wine Institute website as soon as they become available.