PLCB Improves DTC Reporting Interface

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) completed its update to the direct wine shipment reporting interface in PLCB + making the reporting process more efficient and easier for wineries. Direct wine shippers now have the option to upload data using a PLCB-provided excel template, rather than manually enter sales data for each direct shipment to a Pennsylvania consumer.

Additionally, direct wine shippers are now required to report sales by Universal Product Code (UPC) instead of SKU. Note it is NOT mandatory for products shipped directly to PA consumers to have a UPC. UPCs need only be reported when the product has an associated UPC; direct wine shippers need not acquire UPCs to satisfy reporting requirements. (A UPC or Universal Product Code is a unique 12-digit number adjacent to a scannable barcode that appears on the product container that identifies the product and vendor.) Direct wine shippers must also report the product name, varietal and vintage.

Detailed instructions and the Sales-By-Product and Sales-By-Zip Code excel templates are available within each licensee’s PLCB+ account.
The PLCB has extended the April 30 reporting deadline to May 18 for all past-due reports.

Should you have questions about the DWS reporting system, please contact the PLCB directly at 844-707-5475 or