New Illinois DTC Report Due Feb. 1

Wineries are reminded that the Illinois direct shipping law was amended, effective Jan. 1, 2017, to require third-party providers shipping wine on behalf of an Illinois direct-to-consumer (DTC) licensee to file an annual statement with the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC). The statement must detail each shipment made to an Illinois consumer on behalf of the DTC licensee. The first report, covering shipments made during calendar year 2017, is due Feb 1, 2018.

A third-party provider is any party, including a fulfillment warehouse, that is authorized to ship wine on behalf of the licensed direct shipper. A winery, as the DTC license holder, is ultimately responsible for acts and omissions of the third-party provider. Wineries should ensure that any third-party provider shipping on their behalf files the annual statement and retains any books, records, supporting papers and documents containing information and data relating to the statement for a period of three years.

report template and instructions are available on the Illinois State Shipping Laws for Wineries section of the Wine Institute website under Reporting. For more information contact the State Relations Department, 415/356-7530.