New Hampshire Improves Direct Shipping Law

Governor John Lynch signed HB 1352, An Act relative to direct shippers (Chapter 300) on July 13, 2010. The changes become effective on January 1, 2011.

The new law:

• Improves the quality of monthly reporting by requiring that only direct shipper licensees who ship wine or liquor in a given month file a report. It also specifies the minimum information required in the monthly reports thereby insuring that the state receives the information it needs to compel proper enforcement.

• Increases the limit on the amount of wine shipped to a New Hampshire consumer to 12-9 liter cases per year.

• Requires the Commission to approve any shipments to retail licensees.

• Establishes a $100 licensing fee for wineries. (All others – $500)

• Requires the commission to provide written notification to licensed common carriers regarding unauthorized shippers.