Maryland DTC Permit Applications Available

The Maryland Direct Wine Shipper’s Permit application is now available on the Wine Institute website, along with a Checklist of the forms and documents that must be submitted to the Comptroller’s office with the completed permit application. Maryland’s new direct-to-consumer wine shipping legislation takes effect on July 1, 2011. In order to begin shipping on July 1, 2011 a winery must have a valid Direct Wine Shipper’s Permit and use a common carrier that is approved for direct-to-consumer shipping in Maryland. FedEx is currently reviewing the common carrier requirements of the new statute and the regulations being issued by the Comptroller’s Office before making a final determination about starting shipments into the state.

The Direct Wine Shipper’s Permit has a $200 fee and is valid for a 1 year period that begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Additionally, direct shippers are required to post a $1000 bond, pay sales and excise taxes and file reports. After 3 years out-of-state wineries may submit a request to have the bond requirement waived. It is important to note that the Combined Registration Application should be submitted to the address printed on the form or online. A copy of the CRA application or a printed confirmation that it was completed online should be attached to the Permit application. Applicants must attach a “sample” consumer invoice with the application packet. In order to comply with shipping regulations invoices must have the same corporate name and address listed on the Direct Wine Shipper’s Permit, the Maryland consumer’s name and shipping address.

Should you have any questions please contact Annie Bones in the State Relations Department at 415-356-7530 or Updates on the common carriers’ shipping status and application process will be posted on the Wine Institute website.