Applications Available for New Ohio DTC Permit for Larger Wineries

In response to Wine Institute’s request for an update on the new permit allowing wineries producing 250,000 gallons to ship wine into Ohio, the Ohio Division of Liquor Control has provided the following information:

“Effective 9/30/2021, the S permit will be split into the S-1 and S-2.

  • The S-1 permit is essentially the current S permit. Beer manufacturers/suppliers or wine manufacturers/suppliers that make less than 250,000 gallons of wine in a year that want to direct ship registered product to an Ohio consumer can apply for the S-1 permit. The yearly fee is $25. 
  • The S-2 permit covers wine suppliers/manufacturers who make 250,000 gallons or more and want to direct ship registered product to Ohio consumers. The initial permit fee for the S-2 is $250, followed by a $100 fee every year thereafter.

For those who currently hold a S permit there is nothing that you need to do right now (other than file your renewal application). As we process your applications, we will send you a notification informing you that your permit has been switched to either the S-1 or S-2 as applicable. At the next renewal cycle you will either pay the same $25 renewal fee for an S-1 or the $100 renewal fee for the S-2.”

Applications for both permits are available through the Division’s website.