Last Updated: February 25, 2018


DTC Permit
  • Required: Yes
  • Fee: $300 initial permit, $50 for renewals
  • Expiration:1 yr from issue date

Sales Tax

  • Required: Yes
  • State:5.50%
  • Local:No
  • Tax on Shipping:No

Excise Tax

  • Required: Yes
  • Table Wine: $.60/gal
  • Sparkling and/or Fortified Wine: $1.24/gal

Volume Limit

Limits per Winery
  • 12 cases per address per calendar year


  • Required:Yes
  • Sales Tax: Quarterly by the 15th
  • Excise Tax: Annually by Jan 30th
  • Direct Shipment: Annually by Jan 30th

Product Requirements

Identify Labels for Direct Shipment
  • Submit list of all product labels to be shipped to consumers in the State of Maine at the time of application
Product Restrictions
  • ONLY wines produced by the permittee may be sold and shipped to consumers
  • Wine may NOT be shipped in containers that are smaller than 750ml

Additional Information

A Direct Shipper License is required for making on-site and off-site direct shipments to Maine consumers. The license fee for first-time applicants is $200, plus an additional one-time $100 registration fee with subsequent renewals costing $50. Wineries must have applied for and received a Retailers Certificate from the Maine Revenue Service to avoid any delay in the processing of their application and issuance of their liquor license. Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships and Corporations must complete and submit the Supplementary Corporate Questionnaire with their license application and the application must be signed by the Owner or Corporate Officer.

  • A direct shipper shall label each package to be shipped in accordance with this section so that it conspicuously reads “CONTAINS ALCOHOL: SIGNATURE OF A PERSON 21 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER IS REQUIRED FOR DELIVERY.”

Maine Implements New Container Redemption Program Rule

May 10, 2017

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) new rule for the Beverage Container Redemption Program became effective on May 8, 2017. Under the new rule only one distributor is permitted to register product labels of the same brand and act as the Initiator of Deposit (IoD). Therefore, a winery who sells product labels of the … Read More ⟶


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