Last Updated: February 25, 2018




Sales Tax

Not Applicable

Excise Tax

Not Applicable

Volume Limit

Not Applicable


Not Applicable

Product Requirements

Not Applicable

Additional Information

Prohibited due to lack of common carrier approval .

  • Wineries producing 100,000 gallons annually or less are eligible to apply for a permit allowing direct shipments to consumers addresses within wet zip codes. Due to difficulty identifying the dry areas by zip code NO common carriers, including FedEx and UPS, are shipping to consumers in Kentucky under the direct-to-consumer law. Felony statutes remain on the books and apply to those who violate the provisions.

Kentucky Passes On-site DTC Shipping Bill, Leaving Key Issues Unresolved

April 27, 2018

HB 400, a Kentucky bill allowing limited direct-to-consumer spirits and wine shipments, has been signed by the state’s governor and is effective immediately. However, important issues remain unresolved and shipping to Kentucky is not advisable. As it stands, the bill allows for: Shipping of up to four cases of wine per day for purchases made … Read More ⟶

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