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Sales Tax

Not Applicable

Excise Tax

Not Applicable

Volume Limit

Not Applicable


Not Applicable

Product Requirements

Not Applicable

Additional Information

Direct shipment via common carrier prohibited. (¶7101)(Del. Code, Title 4, Chapter 5,§501(c). However, there is an on-site sales exception.

  • Under Federal Law passed in 2002, Delaware residents visiting on-site at a winery may have wine shipped back to Delaware for their own personal use.
  • The Federal on-site exception does not allow for a Delaware consumer to join a wine club or place subsequent phone, fax, or internet orders.
  • There is no volume limit for Federal on-site shipments.

Delaware Clarifies On-Site Shipping Rules

June 1, 2009

The Delaware Commissioner of Alcohol has released a letter clarifying the regulations for consumers in Delaware who wish to obtain wine from outside the State. The letter confirms that Delaware consumers are permitted to carry an unspecified amount of wine into the State on their person provided the wine is for the consumer’s personal consumption … Read More ⟶


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