Wine Institute Membership

How to Join

If you are a licensed winegrower, or you own or lease a bonded winery or a bonded wine cellar in California and are producing or selling wine in the state, you are eligible to become a Wine Institute member. To join, please complete the Membership Application form and the Dues Computation Form and email them to Ian Blue, Member Relations Director, at

Members who own or lease more than one bonded winery or permit number must pay dues for each entity. Dues may be paid collectively or individually on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Wine produced or bottled in California that derives any portion of its volume from grapes grown in California is subject to dues. Additionally, Members are allowed to use either formula for each brand or SKU (stock-keeping unit).

Download the membership forms here:

Winery Membership Application
Dues Computation Form 2018 – 2019